About the AB Maths system

pupil whiteboard

AB Maths is an online practice system for pupils driven by their teachers

At the core of the system is a large database of graded questions (over 10,000), with answers, hints and explanations.

The questions are designed by practicing teachers and cover the UK national curriculum for the key stages 2 and 3 for pupils from ages 11 to 16.

The content covers all the Edexcel iGCSE Mathematics topics and also the new Edexcel GCSE (9-1) exam.

Fun to use

Easy to use and works on tablets and PCs
Can be used in a classroom setting and/or for homework

Great for revision

Teacher can set revision sessions covering a number of preselected topics before tests or exams

Differentiated Learning

Smart algorithm automatically selects questions from 5 difficulty levels. The system adapts to the work rate of the pupils

Builds Confidence

Pupils work at a pace dictated by ability, gradually answering more challenging questions

Real time Assesssment

Pupils receive instant feedback, explanations and advice

Teacher Driven

Teachers set the work for their class or individual pupils
Teachers see real time pupil performance during a session

Pupils take ownership

Pupils have clear goals and are informed of the areas they need to work on